News - COJ to avoid SDF mistakes of the past

City of Joburg to ditch old spatial development plans

 The City of Johannesburg wants to rectify the mistakes of the past by avoiding to house people far away from places of economic activity, Development Planning Department officials said during the review of the Spatial Development Framework (SDF) 2040 at the Lenasia South municipal offices in Region G on Tuesday August 1.

The meeting was the last in a series of regional nodal review sessions held throughout the city over the past few weeks. All new inputs will be incorporated into the new SDF.

The department’s Dylan Weakley said new data would be added to reflect statistics and analysis of the proposed developments. He said the SDF also defined policies of what could or could not be built in certain areas.

Water, sewage, electricity, roads and public transport infrastructure will form the backbone of the spatial development and service delivery projects. High-density housing will also be a major priority in future spatial development plans.
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