News - Music in Main Street Mall

The busking initiative aims to add another level of an exceptional experience to the public space. Main Street Mall already boasts wide pavements for pedestrians and outdoor cafes, beautifully manicures flower beds and fascinating mining artifacts. This makes the public space attractive to the tenants working along Main Street, as well as pedestrians making their way to and from Gandhi Square and not forgetting tourists who walk the area. The addition of busking will add a new attraction to the already attractive public space.

In 2004 The Main Street Mall was initiated by property owners who wanted to see this section of the inner city become a real asset to the area. Anglo American took it upon themselves to completely pedestrianise a section of the street from West to Maclaren.
The creation of a pedestrian friendly Main Street Mall running from Maclaren to Rissik Street was funded by the private sector and the City of Johannesburg. The widening of pavements and the planting of additional trees and flower beds created a green space for the public in an extremely built up area.
The day to day urban management of the public space is still funded by the private sector and over seen by William Mokwena from RMS.