Urban Development Zone


The time has never been better to invest in the inner city of Johannesburg; property values are still affordable, there is a wide range of stock to choose from and government is making every effort to encourage enterprising investors to invest. A tax incentive is available to investors in the form of a significant depreciation allowance for both refurbishment of new building development. The incentive is available within a designated inner city area, including the improvement districts - the Urban development Zone (UDZ).

For all the information you may need regarding the UDZ please visit the City of Johannesburg website www.joburg.org/udz.

Please visit http://eservices.joburg.org.za and go to 'online maps' for ownership, planning and building information on properties in the Urban Development Zone (UDZ).

Direct links to various documents related to the UDZ (Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the files. If you do not have it you can get it here.

  • Registration form - A guide for the Urban Development Zone tax incentive (128 Kb)
  • Quick Guide - A guide to the Urban Development Zone tax incentive for the Johannesburg inner city (239 Kb)
  • The process - how the Urban Development Zone process works in the City of Johannesburg (44Kb)
  • What the law says - UDZ tax incentives according to the Revenue Laws Amendment Act of 2003 (264 Kb)
  • Gazetted notice - Description of location and position of boundary of the Urban Development Zone in Johannesburg (103Kb)
  • Tax Calculator - Helps the Inner City investor to calculate the amount by which the taxable income of the taxpayer would decrease if the UDZ incentive is applied.(Require Microsoft Excel)
  • Map - The inner city of Johannesburg, comprising just under 18km², is the largest UDZ in South Africa, reflective of its status of the economic powerhouse of South Africa, as well as the significant challenges posed by inner city regeneration (1.9 Mb).