About the JHB CID Forum

Why the CID Forum?

The Forum believes that while each CID, management initiative or structured urban management partnership in Johannesburg is unique, collectively they are all affected by the decisions of Council and the public sector.
With this in mind, the JHB CID Forum was established primarily as a platform from which Joburg CID’s could share information, follow international trends and keep track of issues that have an impact on CID’s as a collective. These include but are not limited to:
  • The provision of well drafted enabling legislation
  • Local council support for CID establishment
  • The agreement of local authorities for the financial support for CID work.
  • Financial recognition for the private sector service contribution
  • The signing of clear service level agreements
On a broader level, the Forum supports the Sustainable Urban and Place Management Industry as a whole, and aims to connect diverse practitioners who wish to create and promote livable, vital, equitable, democratic and efficiently managed urban places.

What is our Aim?

The Forum aims to provide opportunities for collaboration, networking and information sharing in which urban management principles; place-making and marketing; physical upgrade and development work, as well as the maintenance of public places in the urban environment, are discussed between professionals and practitioners within the industry.
This pooling of intellectual and experiential resources creates a ‘knowledge bank’, that benchmarks standards in best practice, and is used to provide relevant and effective industry training.

How do we Work?

Industry collaboration is the key to sharing experiences and raising awareness of the industry’s collective benefits and challenges. Through conferences, on-line blogs and panels, training programmes, seminars and other events, the Forum provides the necessary networking opportunities to make this happen, with each opportunity aimed at:
  • Developing and maintaining standards of performance in place management. Formalising Place Management and supporting the sustainability of relevant place management functions and models.
  • Training & Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which will see the Forum engaging with and looking to offer CPD opportunities to members and others within the industry.
  • Collecting and disseminating knowledge through the development and maintenance of a comprehensive research structure that includes an appropriate library / database / knowledge bank that hold books, articles, research, policy and case studies to help inform policy, research agendas and member’s interest.
  • Providing place advocacy by working with provincial and local government agencies, as well as international governments; lobbying for various issues relevant to its objectives; influencing local policy and legislation; forming strategic public private alliances and advancing Place Management within the public sector.
The JHB CID Forum benefits all professionals, academics and practitioners within the urban management/developmental field; the private sector – in terms of property owners; developers and investors; the public sector – particularly local and provincial government, and civil society, i.e. all users of urban places.