Main Street Mall

Managed by: Urban Space Management
Contact: Camilla Rosanna

The Main Street Mall was initiated by property owners who wanted to see this section of the inner city become a real tourist attraction.

Anglo American took it upon themselves to completely pedestrianise a section of the street from West to Maclaren. The creation of a pedestrian friendly Main Street Mall running from Maclaren to Rissik Street was funded by the private sector and the City of Johannesburg. The widening of pavements and the planting of additional trees and flower beds created a green space for the public in an extremely built up area.

Restaurants have expanded onto the pavements and take full advantage of good weather and attractive surroundings. The Main Street Mall is characterized by the predominance of mining houses that occupy the street. A theme reflecting the history of mining in South Africa has been achieved by transforming coco pans into water features and having a permanent display of a mining train, mining headgear and a steel stamp mill.