Place Making

The best public spaces are ones that foster a happy environment for people to sit, mingle, date and relax.

Open Streets Auckland Park

The Open Streets Auckland Park event was held in a section of Auckland Park on 7 April 2019. Ditton and Twickenham Avenues were officially closed from Henley Road up to and including Cookham Road to allow for a fully pedestrianised and non-motorised vehicle use of the area.
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Changing Places
A Placemakers’ Field-Guide
by Mike Freedman

It takes 20 years to change a city…
The built environment is a story of the past – in a present changing at bewildering pace. Cities, towns and precincts need to anticipate tomorrow’s needs and challenges. Then figure out how to meet them.

The figuring it all out takes months, maybe a few years. The change takes place over decades.

Freedthinkers has participated in place-making for more than 20 years. We facilitate, shape and distill new thinking, help build resilience, and initiate action. What follows are lessons learnt along the way.

“Placemaking is the deliberate shaping of an environment to facilitate social
interaction and improve a community’s quality of life.” MIT Urban Studies

25 years of place-making distilled; download a free copy of  Mike Freedman’s e-book, Changing Places HERE.


From Spaces to Places
Presentation by Cara Reilly (2 July 2019)
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Open Streets Cape Town 
A citizen-driven initiative working to change how we use, perceive and experience streets

Reanimating public space through sustainable design: Adrian Benepe at TEDxMiddlebury
A Senior Vice President and Director of City Park Development for The Trust for Public Land, Adrian Benepe is one of the nation’s experts on the nexus of the public, private, and non-profit sectors in public space development and management.

Streetfilms as Your Resource on Public Space 
Streetfilms produces short films showing how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, work and play.