The Johannesburg City Improvement District (CID) Forum represents and promotes Sustainable Place Management and Urban Management institutions, initiatives and individuals throughout Johannesburg.

The CID Forum has been established as a platform from which City Improvement Districts in Johannesburg can share information, follow international trends and keep track of issues that have an impact on City Improvement Districts as a collective.

Each City Improvement District is unique but collectively they are all affected by the decisions of Council and the public sector.

(info on Northern CIDs to follow)

  • CIDs collect estimated R 91 million levies from property owners annually for the provision of supplementary services to the public space
  • The majority of CID expenditure is dedicated to supplementary public space safety, cleaning and maintenance and exceeds an estimated R 61 million annually
  • CIDs infrastructural investment on public spaces exceeded R 50 million in the last 5 years
  • CID create jobs and support the local economy
  • CIDs contribute to social investment initiatives and have a positive impact on communities
  • CIDs’ crime rates are comparatively much lower than the wider police sector in which they are situated
  • CIDs help enforce by-laws for a cleaner and safer urban environment
  • CID properties represent an estimated total municipal value of about R 80 billion
  • CIDs have attracted an estimated R 42 billion in private investments in built form over the past years


A report sponsored by the City Improvement District Forum April 2016

On 30 September 2015 The Supreme Court of Appeal delivered a judgment in the case of Randburg Management District vs West Dunes Properties dealing with the legality of levies imposed under the Gauteng City Improvement Districts Act 12 of 1997 (the CID Act) which provides for the imposition of levies on rateable immovable properties situated within a city improvement district.

The decision by The Supreme Court of Appeal bought into question the legal status of City Improvement Districts (CIDs) in South Africa.

COJ has adopted a draft Special Ratings Area By-law and Policy which are open for public comment until 3 July 2017.
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Latest News



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Namola is an app that allows you to alert your nearest police officers when you need assistance.



With regards to the legislation of City Improvement Districts, COJ has adopted a draft Special Ratings Area By-law and Policy which are now open for public comment.



Main Street Mall will play host to numerous buskers every Thursday between 10am and 4pm.



The Johannesburg Development Agency has organised and funded the “Walk My Jozi” weekend on 24 & 25 June. These walks are aimed at exploring the communities, heritage, art and food of each area.



The Joburg Social Movement (JSM), representing former Jozi@Work beneficiaries, is allegedly planning to trash areas such as Hillbrow, Joubert Park, the Central Business District and Braamfontein, at the end of this month.