"Sound and sustainable public spaces build stronger communities in which citizens highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation and serve common needs” - Project For Public Spaces.

The Johannesburg City Improvement District (CID) Forum represents and promotes Sustainable Place Management and Urban Management institutions, initiatives and individuals throughout Johannesburg.

The CID Forum has been established as a platform from which City Improvement Districts in Johannesburg can share information, follow international trends and keep track of issues that have an impact on City Improvement Districts as a collective.

Each City Improvement District is unique but collectively they are all affected by the decisions of Council and the public sector.

Latest News



COJ has presented a draft on the Inner City Promulgation and Designation of Trading Areas. Submissions, comments and inputs must be made before or on Tuesday 2nd June 2015.



JRA is implementing an initiative to replace all cast iron and steel manhole covers and drainage grates with alternative materials such as ductile iron, plastic, fibre glass and polymer.



Some of the busiest roads in the Johannesburg CBD have been named after well-known heroes of the country's struggle for liberation.(http://randclub.co.za/)



The Inner City Roadmap has taken over from where the Inner City Charter.



It doesn't look like manufacturers are going to stop making products that can't be recycled anytime soon, so it is up to us to be more conscious with what we are consuming. We need to stop the problem at the source.



The City of Johannesburg is planning a Community Based Planning, Consultative session for residents in suburban Wards including Ward 103.