National CIDs

Central City Improvement District (CCID)- Cape Town                                                                    
The CCID's vision, together with its partners, is to strive for a Cape Town Central City
district that is safe, clean, caring, open for business and a centre for all.
Tel: +27 21 286 0830

Physical Address
13th floor, 1 Thibault Square
Corner Long Street and Hans Strijdom Avenue
Cape Town

Riverside Park CID- Nelspruit
H.L. Hall & Sons got their big break when the prospect of Nelspruit achieving capital city status
arose in 1995.

The company’s offer to donate strategically located land in a spectacular setting to the province
was a turning point, with Halls winning the bid for the government complex to be developed in
their proposed regional node, soon to be known as Riverside Park.
With this landmark feat secured, additional anchors leapt at the chance to reserve their space;
most notably Riverside Mall and the Tsogo Sun Casino, and Phase 1 of Riverside Park
rapidly developed from there.
Keenly aware of its responsibility towards good stewardship of both the land they owned
and sold, Halls created a set of precinct development plans and manuals, ensuring that
all developments complemented one another, and made for a coherent mix of industries and services.
The residential component with its soft urban footprint was placed next to the Lowveld National Botanical Garden, while commercial developments lined the busy R40 corridor, also known as Madiba Drive.
With an ever increasing demand for land in the area, Halls expanded its vision into Riverside Park Phase 2 in 2000, coincidentally the same year in which the city of Nelspruit promulgated the by-law for the Establishment of CIDs.
It took another three years for land owners to agree that a CID be established and an application was lodged with the Mbombela Local Municipality.
In October 2004 Council approved the establishment of the Riverside Park CID, and in 2010 Riverside Park became the first legal CID in Mpumalanga.
In December of that year a Service Level Agreement between Riverside Park and Mbombela Local Municipality was signed, and the landmark Riverside Park CID became fully functional.  
+27(13) 757 0415/0440
uMhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP)
uMhlanga property owners established the uMhlanga Urban Improvement Precincts (UIPs) in order to:

Retain existing investment and build investor confidence
Create an environment which supports vibrant and responsible business activity
Improve safety, the general environment and quality of life for the benefit of all
Respond to the challenge of environmental sustainability
To achieve this end the UIP partners with the eThekwini Municipality to ensure that
this key node delivers an exceptional experience of public space.
The UIP management team is constantly responding to the
ever evolving needs of uMhlanga, whether it be service levels or special projects.
This said, the fundamentals of managing crime and grime will always be the top
priority and remain the foundation of the UIPs’ success.

There are two official uMhlanga UIPs, namely the uMhlanga Promenade UIP (PUIP) and the uMhlanga Village UIP (VUIP) and three Associated Managed Areas, namely Northern Promenade Properties (NPP); Southern Promenade Properties (SPP) and Park to Park (PTP).

Operationally managed as one precinct, these UIP's account for a R7 million operational budget for 2014/2015 financial year and include 70 large erven of commercial and residential usage (over 3000 individually rated properties); cover 10 kilometres of public roads, servitudes and promenade, and represent a combined municipal valuation of approximately R7.5 billion.
Contact: Brian Wright